Abraham Issacse (Isaackszen) VerPlanck and Maria Vigne are ancestors of Eleanor Roosevelt and President Theodore Roosevelt through their Daughter Catalyn/Catalina.

Catalyn -> Maria Schuyler -> Lydia VanDyck ->Cornelius Van Schaick Jr -> Maria Van Schaick -> Cornelius Van Schaack Roosevelt -> Theodore Roosevelt Sr (Father of President Theodore Roosevelt) -> Elliott Roosevelt -> Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.

They are also Eleanor's ancestors on her mother's side through their son Guleyn.

Guleyn VerPlanck -> Samuel VerPlanck -> Guleyn VerPlanck -> Ann VerPlanck -> Gabriel Verplanck Ludlow -> Edward Hunter Ludlow -> Mary Livingston Ludlow -> Anna Rebecca Ludlow -> Anna Eleanor Rosevelt.

Maria De La Vigne is also an ancestor of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She was married to Jan Roos and had a son Gerrit Janse Roos. Jan died shortly there after and then she married Abraham.

Maria -> Gerrit Roos -> Pieter Roos -> Cornelia Roos ->Tryntje Benson -> Cornelia Hoffman -> James Roosevelt -> Isaac Roosevelt ->James Roosevelt -> FDR