Ariaantje Cuvilje, wife of Guelyn Vigne, came to America with her husband, from Valenciennes, France, and after his death married Jan Jansen Damen, whose property she inherited. She died about 1648, having been a widow for several years. When Cornelius Van Tienhoven, her son-in-law, returned from the massacre of the Pavonia Indians, Feb 1643, "with thirty prisoners and the heads of several of the enemy," it is said, that "forgetful of those finer feelings which do honor to her sex, she amused herself in kicking about the heads of the dead men which had been brought in as bloody trophies of the midnight slaughter." If the statement is true, we should " chide gently the erring." The constant terror of pioneer women was the Indian warrior.

After the decease of Guylen Vinge, his widow, Adriana Cuvilje, married Jan Jansen Damen, a man of means and prominence. There was no issue by this marriage. Adriana Cuvilje survived her second husband several years. She succeeded to the Damen estate which, after her death, was, in 1659, divided among her four children by her first husband, Guylen Vinge.