#1) EDMUND LOCKWOOD was born in Combs, Suffolk and came to New England
with John Winthrop's fleet, arriving October 18, 1630, with two sons and
a daughter.
The Winthrop migration began in 1628, when a group of separatist
Puritans obtained a patent (license) from the Earl of Warwick, a
proprietor of the New England Company, to form the Massachusetts Bay
Company and establish a plantation in New England.

The next year, with other members of the company, leader John Winthrop,
a lawyer, signed The Cambridge Agreement, in which members vowed to
emigrate if the Massachusetts Bay proprietors themselves could relocate
there and take the patent with them. On M arch 14, l629, four days after
King Charles I dissolved Parliament in the dispute that would eventually
lead to civil war, the King agreed to let Winthrop and the Massachusetts
Bay Company relocate to New England.

In Massachusetts, Edmund Lockwood was made a freeman May 18, 1631, and
lived in Newtowne (today's Cambridge) in 1632. Edmund reportedly moved
south to Connecticut with the Rev. Thomas Hooker in 1636.

Edmund's first known ancestor was Rogerus de Lockwood, of Lockwood,
Staffordshire. Ancestral histories report that the Lockwood family were
long of Combs, Suffolk, though they trace their line to Rogerus of the
village of Lockwood in Staffordshire. The French name indicates the
Lockwoods were of Norman descent.

Records shows that Rogerus' son Ranulphu de Lockwood, Clericus, married
Margeria de Dulverni, a daughter of Radi de Dulverni, Milet. Ranulphu &
Margeria had a son Henricus, who married M. Agnes de La Shawe, a
daughter of Roberti de La Shawe. Henricus a nd Agnes had a son, Robertum
de Lockwood, who married Johanna Lee, daughter of Richardi Lee. Robertus
& Johanna had a son, Thomas de Lockwood, who married Agnes de Bacheton.
Their son, Richardus, now of Combs, Suffolk, married Elizabeth Creswell,
a daugh ter of Johannes Creswell. It was Richardus & Elizabeth
(Creswell) Lockwood's son, Edmund Lockwood, who arrived in America
October 19, 1630.

Emigrating to New England with Edmund were his sons, Edmund and Robert,
and a daughter Elinor (#2) and their families.