(II) Richard Cutter, son of Elizabeth, died in Cambridge, June 16, 1693, aged about seventy-two years. His was one of the first houses built in that part of Camebridge which was called Menotomy, away from the more thickly settled parts of the town, and as a protection against Indian attacks it was provided with "flankers." Two of his sons and two of his stepson were soldiers of King Philip's war in 1675, and they all took part in the expedition into the country of the Narragansetts and in the fierce battle which was fought there.
Richard Cutter married (first) about 1644, Elizabeth Williams, who died March 5, 1661-62, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (Stalham) Williams. He married (second) Feb. 14, 1662-63, Frances (Perriman) Amsden, widow of Isaac Amsden.
Richard Cutter was a cooper by trade, and there is still in possession of his descendants the small oaken chest in which he kept his clothing while serving his apprenticeship. He was made freeman in 1641, and joined the Artillery Company of Boston in 1643.
1. Elizabeth, born July 15, 1645.
2. Samuel, born Jan. 3, 1646-47.
3. Thomas, born July 19, 1648.
4. William, born Feb. 22, 1649-50.
5. Gershom, born 1653.
6. Mary, born 1657.
7. Nathaniel, born Dec. 1, 1663.9. Hepzibah, born Nov. 11, 1667.
10. Elizabeth, born May 1, 1668-69.
11. Hepzibah, born Aug. 15, 1671.
12. Sarah, born Aug. 31, 1673.
13. Ruhamah, born 1678.