Edmund Lockwood, Baptized 9 Feb 1594 Combs, Suffolk, Eng d. before Mar 3, 1634 in Cambridge, MA; From Combs, Sussex, Eng to Salem in the "Arabella" in 1630 with Winthrop's Fleet. He first settled at Watertown then at New Towne (Cambridge) He is among the first 8 inhabitants of New Towne (Cambridge). Freeman (1631);See Massachusetts Bay Colony Freemen to take the Oath: 1630 Constable of Cambridge (1631); Constable of New Towne (1632) on finance committee (1632) for Colony; In 1635 his brother Sgt. Robert Lockwood was appointed executor for Edmund's estate and children.
+name of 1st spouse may have been "Ruth" m: before 1625, Eng.